Thoughts on Extraction

When Ruthie Wilson Gilmore and I sat down for a conversation, we spoke about how the PIC not only exploits the labor of imprisoned folx (mainly via … Thoughts on Extraction Stevie writes We don’t need to work to be of value to the PIC. Just being here and being “diagnosed” by their staff makes […]

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Plantation is not a metaphor

Plantation is not a metaphorWhen she told us she’d been firedfor holding an open door for the Muslim sistersFor telling the white man that was not her nameFor allowing the sisters to hold spaceFor being the Didi to the sisters far from homeThe school was founded by a plantation ownerNever got the memo about emancipationafter […]

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On Property

The Black radical tradition has always involved the disruption of property. We were the “loot” upon which the nation was built, our very existence is the abolition of property

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A CopCity Reading List

Atlanta’s #StopCopCity movement and it’s violent repression which resulted in the murder of Manuel Terán can be understood in the wider context of Indigenous climate activism and modes of Black and Southern radicalism. I offer a reading list

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Bee at Peace, Be at Rest

The solstice occurred a few days ago. Images of Yaldā celebrations uplifted the world. As I complete this post, the temperature outside is well below freezing and is predicted to remain so through the day. In many part of the planet, life is embracing rest. For the last three years I’ve noticed how the older […]

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