An Anti-racist Reading List

The opposite of racist isn’t ‘not racist.’ It is ‘anti-racist.’ The heartbeat of racism is denial. — Ibram X. Kendi It’s been said that racism is so … An Anti-racist Reading List My colleague Ryan Boren compiled this pertinent reading list. Be an anti-racist. Start today.

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Books on a plane

Next week, the team I am on at Automattic is meeting up in Tel-Aviv to attend the NetSci X conference. There is so much to be excited about — the opportunity to spend 10 days with colleagues, the interesting talks on network theory and analysis, the opportunity to visit the holy sites of the Bahá’í faith […]

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It seems that my last post set sparked a lot of questions in my mind about the Civil War era, it’s impact on my family, the repercussions upon Georgia, and how it is still being grappled with to this day. There is a lot that I am still unpacking but I’ll start simple. For some […]

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