Reverence for the righteous

Several months ago I read Timothy Snyder’s award winning Black Earth, an important but difficult book on the horrific destruction of millions of lives in the “bloodlands” of Eastern Europe during the Second World War. Despite the gravity of the book, there was a deep and eternal hope that I found in its stories of the ordinary […]

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Books on a plane

Next week, the team I am on at Automattic is meeting up in Tel-Aviv to attend the NetSci X conference. There is so much to be excited about — the opportunity to spend 10 days with colleagues, the interesting talks on network theory and analysis, the opportunity to visit the holy sites of the Bahá’í faith […]

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Remembering Tupac with (Neuro) Style

So I thought I would take the inaugural post on to commemorate the great dearly departed Tupac while also dipping my foot into Deep Learning Neural Style Transfer. What?? Style transfer[1] is the AI that powers apps like Pikazo and Prisma — it extracts the style in from one image then re-images a second image […]

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Things to do in Scheme

I find that Oleg Kiselyov’s blog is a garden of delights for those of us who enjoy Lisp and Scheme. Each post seems like a timeless treasure on things to really know and appreciate about functional programming — maybe programming generally. I am still digesting his Monadic Programming in Scheme because I am still trying to grok Haskell. […]

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It seems that my last post set sparked a lot of questions in my mind about the Civil War era, it’s impact on my family, the repercussions upon Georgia, and how it is still being grappled with to this day. There is a lot that I am still unpacking but I’ll start simple. For some […]

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Six years ago, I was trying to get a proposal off and my wife hooked me up with a few days of retreat time at a place called Banning Mills. It’s about an hour and half from Atlanta, but in many ways, rural Georgia has always seemed a world away. Both of my grandfathers left […]

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Adapting to the Kinesis keyboard

I ordered a Kinesis keyboard on joining Automattic, figuring that I would try to kick the new year off taking ergonomics seriously. It feels like I have so far gone through two periods of learning, and still getting with respect to matching the rate of touch typing on Mac laptop keyboard. The first phase was […]

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Clojure and Lisp

I suspect that Clojure, event though acknowledge to be the latest incarnation of the common lisp family of languages, is less powerful than Common Lisp. I suspect that this has a lot to do with macro processing, the fact that it is a JVM language. Is it worth pursuing to any degree? How would one […]

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Writing for 10 minutes a day

I wanted to get back in the habit of writing, or writing with focus and intent about ideas. For ten minutes a day. The habit of creating and actually reflecting upon ideas. So here goes into an ocean of anything. I was thinking about how there are trends that seem to emerge, first as a […]

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