The geometrical beauty of Doha

As we passed through Doha on the way to Gaborone, I was amazed by the architectural beauty of so many Islamic inspired structures. It was truly a feast for the eyes and mind.

Though we did not have time to visit many of the older architectural treasures, I discovered that a lot of the buildings have received prestigious architectural awards over the last decade. The investment of Qatar in its country is amazing, and Al Jazeera is a gift to humanity.

There is even wonder in the Qatar airways “air sickness” bags!


3 thoughts on “The geometrical beauty of Doha

  1. I loved the artefacts in The Museum of Art- as well as the ambience of the courtyard.
    Everyone was friendly and helpful and offered to store our cabin luggage
    which we were trailing around, though our other baggage was checked through to
    the next destination.
    The Business Lounge at the airport was wonderful- had a shower
    and lots of personal attention as we had a long wait for our next flight
    to Melbourne.
    Very impressed too.
    Thanks for following my posts. See you soon!

    1. Yes, we really enjoyed that shower! There were so many stories people freely shared at the restaurants we visited. I ended up stepping into the fountain in the courtyard while taking a photo. I got a chuckle and a “Come on now”, look from the young Qatari gentleman who was attending to the courtyard that day.
      I look forward to reading your posts!

      1. I got chatting to a school group of young teenage girls- all with their heads covered, but as giggly as the girls I taught in Hampshire, UK!

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