Using ML for Campaign Optimization: Our Journey to Marketing Science at Automattic

There is an emerging approach to marketing called Marketing Science — a discipline which “transforms marketing efforts so that they are grounded in data and science”. My colleague Demet Dagdalen explains how she and Yanir Seroussi put science to use in building a machine learning pipeline for marketing campaigns.

Data for Breakfast

In previous posts, we introduced pipe, the Automattic Machine Learning Pipeline. Part one introduced pipe and how it works. Part two made a case for internal ML pipelines and delved deeper into pipe’s technical infrastructure.

Upcoming pipe posts on will showcase how we use pipe at Automattic to inform decision-making and marketing efforts.

Marketing Science at Automattic

When the previous posts about pipe were published, Yanir and I were developing pipe under the Marketing Data team which was part of the Marketing division. Since then, we have returned to the Data division and formed a new team called Marketing Science with themission to use science to empower marketing.

What is Marketing Science anyway?

My favorite description so far comes from the Marketing Science team at Facebook: Marketing Science transforms marketing efforts so that they are grounded in data and science.

My emphasis on that definition would…

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