Martin Luther King was assassinated 52 years ago today

The post from Dr Bernice King is a sobering reminder of her father’s assassination 52 years ago in Memphis Tennessee

There are three things that run through my head as I sit with that.

He died in solidarity with sanitation workers

The Memphis sanitation workers were on strike to protest inhumane working conditions — two fellow workers Echol Cole and Robert Walker had been crushed to death inside of a garbage truck.

Sanitation workers in your city are putting themselves at extraordinary risk providing key services while a pandemic is going on. Healthcare workers too. What are the conditions under which they work where you live? Do they have the right to strike for adequate pay and healthcare? Are they afforded the protections that they need to stay alive and well?

He died calling for an end to poverty

During 1967, Dr. King had focused attention on an idea called The Poor People’s Campaign. Among it’s objectives were to provide everyone with the right to a basic guaranteed income. The idea being that in crises, no one should be forced into poverty. No one should have to live in poverty. The idea being that a country in which inequality has become so extreme is simply unjust.

Why can’t the US still come to account for these disparities after 52 years?

He knew that the power really lay with the people

Martin Luther King and the thousands of others who struggled with him marched, took blows, and sometimes died for causes that the mainstream politicians of both US political parties disparaged. He was despised and the subject of contempt and harassment by leaders in both parties. This didn’t stop him.

There is more to the struggle for human dignity that presidential elections. He and others demonstrated the power of collective action, of non-violence, of persistent action in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

It is indeed a dark time. Right now the devastation in a fragile healthcare and social system expose the persistent inequalities that Dr King died fighting. As his daughter remarks, “The evils he opposed then still exist now”.

That he and others like him were able to make incredible strides gives me hope.

What is stopping us?

One thought on “Martin Luther King was assassinated 52 years ago today

  1. Instead of “liking” this as that feels off, and would Potentially posit a 52 year resentment in me I never had from direct experience as I’m 52 1/2.

    Instead, later tonight I will take some momentS of pure silence to resonate and immerse in Dr. Martin Luther King’s message… which is still present, was, is, and will always be of utmost importance. His discerning and intelligent and poignant and full-leadership abilities developed conscientiously an acumen for quality and value in regards to life. I do not simply respect that. He was a Heartfelt Hierophant, Sophia Wisdom born of thoughtful perspectives from direct experience. Maybe I edit my Heartfelt Hierophant post to add a dedication to him, and all others before and since and to come who put the onus of their life into resonant transformation of the workability of our lives. Then, more than Tarot and Psychology which was the post’s impetus, it may very well give it an application for boots on the ground application of my notions.

    That just feels… Yes. Yes, it feels right.

    Thank you, Charles. An unfortunate anniversary, though the world is fortunate to have people like Dr. Martin Luther King. May all memories of Dr. Martin Luther ing be blessings to inspire and reinforce and strengthen the indefatigable goodness in us all, for all of us together.

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