Yacht Clubbing

Sisters, mothers, daughters gathered at the marinas.
Some walked, some flew, some simply materialized
From Tartus, Luozi, Port-au-Prince, Savannah, Salvador, Luganville, Port Moresby
Puerto Cabezas, San Miguel, Aden, Derbent, Fangchenggang and 
Matadi, many from Matadi 
An ocean of brown, black, warm, earth, tan, wise, fearless
At the marinas they seized -- reclaimed -- the yachts of Black capitalists, oligarchs, presidents, senators, sugar water princes, oil barons, patriarchs of all faiths
stolen from their labor and blood and hugs
They set off in laughter, joy, peace
Unmoored now from fires and endless theft
A party, a celebration, an ode to joy among the whales and 
the whales answered back
with flourishes and songs in the night and morning
recollections of the ancestors whose bones they'd prayed over
for uncounted centuries.
Their parties of unending freedom ferried sons daughters lovers comrades friends
All lies dismissed
Across Jordan or maybe it was Bahari Hind or Ziwa Kuu
across the bridge they built to a New World of their own imagination

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